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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Knit One Purl Two (or is it Too?)

After our annual start of the season trip to Mrs. Max's for lunch we headed over to the relatively new shop in Marlboro, Knit One Purl Two. They're on Route 9 directly across from the Marlboro Plaza. It's a white building and they're on the second floor. It's a nice enough shop but it doesn't have anything new and exciting although she does have a selection of different high end yarns. There was a basket by the door with magazines that were 50% off. I went through them and came home with a few. Not only am I a yarnaholic, I'm a book fanatic as well. I didn't come away with a "I've got to go back there" feeling. It might have been because I thought one of them was rather snooty - no matter what she said, even when she was complimenting me on my poncho (so maybe it was me). And, because they were sale items they didn't want to take my debit card - I've become so lazy since I pay all my bills on line and use my debit card for everything else. Can you imagine, I actually had to write a check LOL. It was almost $53.00 so it wasn't like I was asking them to run a charge for a piddly amount ya know! They also aren't set up to use debit cards as such - they have not got the machine that allows you to enter your pin. Oh - I must fess up - there was $24.00 worth of sale yarn in there - 4 skeins of a wool blend that caught my fancy (two different colorways).

On the knitting front - tomorrow I'll have two 1/2 pairs of socks finished. All I have to do is kitchner the toes and I can start on the other half. I don't know where the time goes. One would think I'd have lots of time to knit since I'm not working wouldn't one! It ain't so!

Pictures tomorrow.


Blogger trek said...

I didn't think that they were "all that" either. Not worth going out of my way to give them my custom.

Sorry about the dumbness with the debit card.

11:36 PM  

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