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Knit Along With Me

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Married, 4 children, 11 grandchildren. Most important thing to happen lately - I found out I have two brothers and a sister in Texas - hurray - I'm not an only child anymore. I've met them and love them all. I now have nieces, nephews, and GREAT nieces and nephews. God is good!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

If you do nothing else today....

Ok - I don't normally make requests but I'm making an exception. Go to Parkway Rest Stop and read "Hector" (April 2 post). It's a brilliant read. Of course, it will be lost on some... It's got some bad words in it so if you're easily offended don't read it - but you'll miss out on a good "fantasy".

Useless Information

Just a quick note to get this on the blog since it expires in the wee hours of the morning :-)

On Wednesday of this week, at 2 minutes and 3 seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.

On the knitting front I've finished two socks on one circular and cast on for the second pair. Oh, yeah - Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport arrived today and it's GORGEOUS!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Knit One Purl Two (or is it Too?)

After our annual start of the season trip to Mrs. Max's for lunch we headed over to the relatively new shop in Marlboro, Knit One Purl Two. They're on Route 9 directly across from the Marlboro Plaza. It's a white building and they're on the second floor. It's a nice enough shop but it doesn't have anything new and exciting although she does have a selection of different high end yarns. There was a basket by the door with magazines that were 50% off. I went through them and came home with a few. Not only am I a yarnaholic, I'm a book fanatic as well. I didn't come away with a "I've got to go back there" feeling. It might have been because I thought one of them was rather snooty - no matter what she said, even when she was complimenting me on my poncho (so maybe it was me). And, because they were sale items they didn't want to take my debit card - I've become so lazy since I pay all my bills on line and use my debit card for everything else. Can you imagine, I actually had to write a check LOL. It was almost $53.00 so it wasn't like I was asking them to run a charge for a piddly amount ya know! They also aren't set up to use debit cards as such - they have not got the machine that allows you to enter your pin. Oh - I must fess up - there was $24.00 worth of sale yarn in there - 4 skeins of a wool blend that caught my fancy (two different colorways).

On the knitting front - tomorrow I'll have two 1/2 pairs of socks finished. All I have to do is kitchner the toes and I can start on the other half. I don't know where the time goes. One would think I'd have lots of time to knit since I'm not working wouldn't one! It ain't so!

Pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Update :-)

Lady EleanorIt's Weds. afternoon and hubby is doing very well. He even managed to take the dog out for a walk in the yard. He's getting by on 600 mg. Ibuprofen 4 times a day. He's doing so well in fact, that I expect to make it to the Knit N Stitch meeting on Friday - hooray! After all, I need quality knitting time.

Oh, and just so I can put in the obligatory knitting info - you'll find a picture of the still unfinished Lady Eleanor.

Monday, March 27, 2006

All's well :-)

Well, we were at the hospital at 7:30 AM for hubby's surgery which was scheduled for 9:30 AM. The hospital didn't have the release from our primary physician! Fortunately they called at 9:00 AM and the doctor faxed it right over (yeah, they did something right for a change). Alas, they wheeled him into the "holding" area around 9:15 AM and the surgeon showed up late so surgery didn't begin until 10:30 AM. To make a long story short, they brought him to recovery, then back to the same day surgery unit where he proceeded to complain that he was in pain, dropped back off to sleep 5 minutes later and they just let him sleep off the anethesia. He woke up around 3:00 PM, they fed him, took his vitals, and sent him on his way.

If you've read this far you're wondering, what does all this mean??? It means I almost finished my socks on one circular needle, that's what it means! What a way to get some quality knitting time in. And, of course, everyone has to stop and ask you what your making - I think only one person guessed they were socks. I had people ask if I was making mittens, hats, just what are you making???? This also means I'm house bound for a few days but I'll be playing maid :-)

OK - I have to admit - I stole the next item from Parkway Rest Stop - the devil made me do it! You really need to go check THIS out! It shows you just what goes on in your computer.

And, since most of you probably don't click on the links in my blog anyway I'll just have to reiterate - go HERE Enlighten NJ and HERE Ken Adams musings and HERE NJ Fiscal Folly and HERE New Jersey for Change. Enter these sites at your own risk. What risk you might ask??? The risk that you'll find out what's really going on in the state you live in! I'm beginning to think the air must be really thin where our elected officials live 'cause most of them seem brain damaged - now the only thing I can think of that would cause that is lack of oxygen 'cause surely everyone who votes researches the issues and then decides who to vote for - voters are smart right? They wouldn't just blindly vote party lines would they? Sorry for the rant folks, just had to get that off my chest! OR, as my bible study teacher was fond of saying "Gee, why don't you tell us how you really feel" LOL.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

See that Knit Net button???

I've added a Knit Net button to my blog. For those of you who aren't familiar with the site, it's an online knitting magazine. They always allow you to see a sample pattern from their issue but the magazine isn't free (except for me this year - hooray!). They have graciously granted me a full year's access to the magazine for some tips I submitted. The very least I could do was give them a prominent place on my blog eh!

I'm thinking of going to see the Yarn Harlot in person on April 11 in Rutherford, NJ. Why you say - because I can! There's bound to be tons of knitters and it's always fun to get together with knitters isn't it :-)

My Shelridge Farms sock yarn arrived - I'll post a picture later. I call it the poor man's Koigu - not because the yarn is inferior - oh no - it's really very nice! What's even nicer is the price! It's always cheaper than Koigu but when you get it through a coop it's even better pricing!!!!

Think retirement - no money to buy yarn! Solution - buy now LOL.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Still recovering

spring has sprung
proof spring is on the way
Maple Sugar and Syrup
two socks one circ one heel turned
Socks that Rock or at least they will be

Ok folks - just an update - still recovering from my computer problems. I lost the ability to use regedit - said it was locked by my administrator - I AM the administrator. msconfig is also among the missing. Either the Geek Squad missed some things or I was attacked by another virus/trojan/worm that got through my defenses. I've run more online virus scans than you can possibly imagine! On the bright side - check out the photos. Spring has sprung :-) And, the mailman, Fed Ex, and UPS Ground still know where I live :-)

I just had to have some Maple Sugar sock yarn by Cherry Tree Hill came free with some of their OWN Vermont Maple Syrup. Finally, my Socks That Rock and the pattern came from The Fold Not their fault - manufacturer was changing skein size so they were waiting on the manufacturer. Well worth the wait.

Also, check out the two socks on one circular - I'm enjoying this. Decided to do a short row heel so I didn't have to introduce a third needle to work a gusset.

Hubby goes in for surgery on Monday, testing tomorrow (Weds.), doctor's exam on Friday (boy, don't they just love to get your money), and finally the surgery (torn cartilage).

More later!

Friday, March 17, 2006



Wednesday, March 15, 2006


OK - I've got most of the software loaded. Unfortunately, I had to reinstall Win Fax Pro - when I did it deleted all my fax numbers and sent faxes. This is NOT a good thing for unemployment. Do you think if I show them my repair bill they'll believe me? Perhaps I can get a bunch of my friends to attest to the fact that I was among the missing for days and days. BTW - I want to thank those of you who called to be sure I was OK - really, I mean that! It was so thoughtful.

On the knitting front - well, I'm frogging back a few rows on my mystery shawl - I must have been half asleep 'cause it ain't right LOL.

Hubby goes in for surgery on 3/27 so I'll probably be among the missing a few days that week also. He took very good care of me when I had my hip surgery so I'm certainly willing to do the same for him. It's arthroscopic knee surgery (torn cartilage) same day. Gee, wait a minute! I was in the hospital for almost two weeks and by the time I came home I was pretty much able to get around for myself. Oh well - he's worth it :-)

You can amuse yourself with this while you're anxiously awaiting my next post. I'm also adding another of my favorite blogs which I'm sure will not make some folks happy but hey - it's what makes the world go 'round :-)

More tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Almost All Better

OK - it's over a week since my machine was infected! They had to do a reinstall of the operating system and most of my programs DON'T WORK! I've been busy since Sunday afternoon reinstalling everything - good thing they're all licensed :-)

I'm plugging away on Lady E - I'm soooooo ready for her to be finished. I enjoy doing this immensly but after 36 rows and still a few more to go - I just want it to be done.

I'm up to the second clue on the mystery shawl 3 - this will never be finished at the end of the knitalong but that's ok. It's really a nice shawl.

I'm experimenting with the magic loop method - I cast on two socks on one circ and it seems to be going ok. That Frolicking Socks knitalong I have listed will have to be extended to next year for me LOL. Just too many irons in the fire right now.

Poor, poor Eris - no further along than I was before.

As soon as I get the computer fully functional I'll post pictures of everything.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The unthinkable

The unthinkable happened! My computer managed to get itself infected with a very, very nasty virus/trojan. Even with Norton System Works and Spy Sweeper - it still managed to hijack my desktop, infect hundreds of files and render my machine virutally unuseable. No internet connection and I didn't dare open ANY emails - I hope that it didn't hijack my address book (not likely since I use Incredimail but ya never know!). So - $280 dollars later I have it back but not for long. They didn't reinstall my Spy Sweeper AND when I go to My Display I can't do anything - no wallpaper - no themes. I paid an extra $80.00 for "911" service - otherwise it would have been 4-5 days. For that kind of money this things should be spinning like a top! NOT! I have to take it back tomorrow morning and they're really gonna hear from me.

So - you'll have to wait to hear about my SEX last weekend and other stuff!


Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Catch up time

Here's the update for the weekend :-) Went to Staten Island and the Yarn Girl. I can hardly believe this myself but I actually didn't buy yarn. I went to buy circular needles and figured for sure I'd find something I absolutely had to have - NOT. This is a good thing.

Stopped by a friends house in SI to drop off a book and inspect her "yarnatorium" LOL. It's every knitter's dream. Wall-to-wall and ceiling to floor cabinets all filled with yarn and fabrics. A lovely chair by the window with a round table for the phone, and on the opposite wall her sewing machine cabinet and chair. Just made you want to sit down and knit right away! It was organized and welcoming.

Our favorite restaurant, Il Pomadoro, has fallen a notch! Don't know if the owner wasn't there or they changed chef's but it just wasn't up to par. I overheard patrons at the table behind me speaking about another restaurant that would "give Il Pomadoro a run for it's money" but I didn't catch the name! And to think, my children used to say I could hear the grass grow. Guess that's what happens when you get old, oops excuse me, older :-).

Also stopped by another dear friends house, a knitter of course, for a lovely visit on Sunday. We inspected each other's work and discussed future projects over a glass of soda. Hoping to get together this Sunday also.

Monday night knitting was missing a very prominent member - Trek is off enjoying a wedding and searching the local yarn store. She was definitely missed. Gave J over at Knit N Things the beginnings of Mystery Shawl 3 on double pointed needles. I took it home to get it started for her 'cause I couldn't seem to do it on Thursday when we were together :-( It's very, very difficult to get started and since I talked her into doing this with me it was the least I could do. Even though I'm almost done with the second chart I have the sneaking suspicion she'll finish ahead of me LOL.

The yarn store in Englewood is closing - they are moving to Vermont. She will run an internet store and also open another store attached to her house when she gets there. I think I'll pay a visit this Saturday before she's totally sold out of everything LOL. Always up for a road trip to the yarn store, especially one that's having a BIG sale!

Lady Eleanor is moving right along and I'll be very glad when it's done. It's almost finished and although I enjoy working on it - it's time - be done I say, be done! Even when it's done, it's not done until the fringe is on it and I'm not looking forward to that part of it. Pictures soon.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

More SEX

Mystery Shawl 3
Frolicking Shamrock Socks
Jaeger Zephyr
Beaded Socks
Hurray!!! Pictures are uploaded :-)

I've been busy whilst I was away :-) Let's go through the pictures. The burgandy lace is the beginning of the Mystery Shawl 3. I have to really concentrate on this and can't wait until I can switch to circular needles, I'm almost there.

And look at the lovely mint green on the cone just beckoning to be started! This is from Woolbearers in Mount Holly, as is the beaded sock pattern and the small kit at the front of the picture. The kit makes a lovely infants fair isle hat. The yarn is a product from Anny Blatt and it's as soft as cashmere (also as expensive I might add. That little dinky kit was $15.00 but I just had to have some :-)

How about that sock kit from Earth Faire too. I can start the knit along for them now :-) This really is a priority - wearin' o' the green and all that! Who am I kidding - these will never be done in time LOL.

Later today I'm going to knit on the mountain with friends (literally - on top of a mountain). If I remember, I'll take pictures of the view - it's simply gorgeous. We'll have lunch and sit n b----h awhile - always nice to get together with friends. This evening I'll pop down to Border's to help a friend start the Mystery Shawl 3 before she decides to hurt me for talking her into this! It's very hard to get started but once you've got the first couple of rows it gets easier.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Back from my hiatus :-)

Haven't updated for a few days because I've been unusually busy. I had lunch with a former boss I haven't seen in 10 years, mystery shopped two stores, stopped by the Friday afternoon knitting group, and knit! I also had an e-mail conversation with someone from my high school days. I was amazed at how well they remembered me. They mentioned some things that had been long buried in the back of my mind, somewhere in the archives under "the good old days". A questionnaire had been sent to me and in turn I asked him what he remembered. Example: "Do you remember one of the first things I said to you?" - answer - the door's still open. OK, OK get your mind out of the gutter - we were kids! We were playing spin the bottle and, of course, privacy was of great concern so where do all kids go to get away from prying eyes - THE CLOSET! Apparently, the door wasn't closed all the way - what a thing to remember - I had forgotten sitting on the floor of my friends enclosed porch and playing this game - he brought it all back with great clarity, including the fact that I had the decency to take the gum out of my mouth before kissing him LOL :-) Then he closed the e-mail with "My daughter and granddaughter are coming for dinner and I've got to get the chicken going". WHOA - daughter, granddaughter, dinner - couldn't possibly have been that many years ago we were playing spin the bottle! Ah, the simplicity of life when you're young and how quickly the time goes by.

OK - obligatory knitting info - MS3 has been added to the "on the needles" group. I'm more confused than when I was swatching. If I print much more info I'll have to run to the store for paper! I also ordered the pattern, yarn, and beads for the Frolicking Shamrock Knitalong that starts 2/24. Can't let Saint Patrick's Day go by without showin' the green ya know!

One more note - my DS is having surgery to have her ankle and foot fused together. They will also break her leg to make it shorter because with the fusing it will be longer than the other leg. Please remember her in your prayers. I wish I could be with her to help during her recovery but my BIL, two brothers, and SILs will be there. She'll be surrounded by lots of love!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy SAINT Valentine's Day

Well, went to my Monday night knitting group to drop off some yarn for J over at Knit N Things 'cause she's doing the Mystery Shawl 3 with me and I KNOW she wants to swatch since the clues start on Friday. The yarn was all wound into balls and neatly labeled with yardage - no thanks to Mr. Knit Along With Me - but then again, I didn't marry him for his carpentry skills :-) I simply improvised - should have taken pictures so you could all laugh. I put the meter on the dowel and elevated it on a bunch of clothes that were waiting for me to do SOMETHING with them (they got their wish), set up my ball winder to my right, cone of yarn to the left on the floor and wound away. Worked perfectly. Of course, it's not very portable! And, the yarn is wool and silk so it kept wanting to fly off the ball winder. I may have to take Mr. Parkway Rest Stop up on his offer to assemble - waiting time and language seems acceptable now.

After dropping off the yarn the Mr. and I decided to stop for dinner. We went to the Grist Mill - I don't go for the food (it's OK) - I go for the view. Having been a working grist mill it sits beside a beautiful stream with a small waterfall that's just wonderful to look at any season of the year. There was a young couple, I'd say mid twenties, sitting two tables away directly in my line of vision. They sat side by side. All through dinner the Mr. kept asking me what was so amusing. Since we were in close proximity to the young couple I just kept telling him "I'll tell you later". Here's what I was smiling about (notice I said smiling - I wasn't being amused). The couple had finished dinner by the time we arrived and were engrossed in conversation. They were in their own little world and it appeared that nothing around them mattered. They smiled, laughed, but more importantly, they never took their eyes off each other. There was not a time when he wasn't gently touching her - he held her hand, touched her face, put his hand on her shoulder, rubbed her neck, touched her knee and he caressed her with his eyes. I hope that it is always like that for them, especially in today's world where everything is disposable; marriages, unborn children, cars, dishes. There needs to be permanency. No, the Mr. and I don't sit side by side anymore, we sit across from each other, he says he likes to look at me, he does caress me with his eyes and I love him as much today as when we got married - probably more. When we were leaving the restaurant he asked again what was so amusing and I told him - it was remembering and watching another generation doing the same things we did when we were young. I can't slide across the bench seat anymore so he can drive with his arm around me (and I can shift that '55 Chevy Convertible for him - WHAT - didn't everyone do that!) Some things change but remain an important part of my life and remebering is one of them. My hope for them is it will always be as special as it was last night, that they grow together.

Of course, when we got home, the Mr. decided to cut the dogs nails and clipped a few too short and the dog started bleeding ALL OVER THE RUG totally blowing all those romantic feelings from earlier LOL. This is really what love is about - the everyday trials and tribulations that we get through WITH each other.

Happy Saint Valentine's Day everyone :-)