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Married, 4 children, 11 grandchildren. Most important thing to happen lately - I found out I have two brothers and a sister in Texas - hurray - I'm not an only child anymore. I've met them and love them all. I now have nieces, nephews, and GREAT nieces and nephews. God is good!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy SAINT Valentine's Day

Well, went to my Monday night knitting group to drop off some yarn for J over at Knit N Things 'cause she's doing the Mystery Shawl 3 with me and I KNOW she wants to swatch since the clues start on Friday. The yarn was all wound into balls and neatly labeled with yardage - no thanks to Mr. Knit Along With Me - but then again, I didn't marry him for his carpentry skills :-) I simply improvised - should have taken pictures so you could all laugh. I put the meter on the dowel and elevated it on a bunch of clothes that were waiting for me to do SOMETHING with them (they got their wish), set up my ball winder to my right, cone of yarn to the left on the floor and wound away. Worked perfectly. Of course, it's not very portable! And, the yarn is wool and silk so it kept wanting to fly off the ball winder. I may have to take Mr. Parkway Rest Stop up on his offer to assemble - waiting time and language seems acceptable now.

After dropping off the yarn the Mr. and I decided to stop for dinner. We went to the Grist Mill - I don't go for the food (it's OK) - I go for the view. Having been a working grist mill it sits beside a beautiful stream with a small waterfall that's just wonderful to look at any season of the year. There was a young couple, I'd say mid twenties, sitting two tables away directly in my line of vision. They sat side by side. All through dinner the Mr. kept asking me what was so amusing. Since we were in close proximity to the young couple I just kept telling him "I'll tell you later". Here's what I was smiling about (notice I said smiling - I wasn't being amused). The couple had finished dinner by the time we arrived and were engrossed in conversation. They were in their own little world and it appeared that nothing around them mattered. They smiled, laughed, but more importantly, they never took their eyes off each other. There was not a time when he wasn't gently touching her - he held her hand, touched her face, put his hand on her shoulder, rubbed her neck, touched her knee and he caressed her with his eyes. I hope that it is always like that for them, especially in today's world where everything is disposable; marriages, unborn children, cars, dishes. There needs to be permanency. No, the Mr. and I don't sit side by side anymore, we sit across from each other, he says he likes to look at me, he does caress me with his eyes and I love him as much today as when we got married - probably more. When we were leaving the restaurant he asked again what was so amusing and I told him - it was remembering and watching another generation doing the same things we did when we were young. I can't slide across the bench seat anymore so he can drive with his arm around me (and I can shift that '55 Chevy Convertible for him - WHAT - didn't everyone do that!) Some things change but remain an important part of my life and remebering is one of them. My hope for them is it will always be as special as it was last night, that they grow together.

Of course, when we got home, the Mr. decided to cut the dogs nails and clipped a few too short and the dog started bleeding ALL OVER THE RUG totally blowing all those romantic feelings from earlier LOL. This is really what love is about - the everyday trials and tribulations that we get through WITH each other.

Happy Saint Valentine's Day everyone :-)


Blogger knitnthings said...

For the record - I don't WANT to swatch, I never WANT to swatch. I just want to play with my new yarn & try the test pattern (if I had the whole pattern instead I'd start with that). It has NOTHING to do with swatching!

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