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Married, 4 children, 11 grandchildren. Most important thing to happen lately - I found out I have two brothers and a sister in Texas - hurray - I'm not an only child anymore. I've met them and love them all. I now have nieces, nephews, and GREAT nieces and nephews. God is good!

Monday, February 06, 2006


Stash Enhancing Experience that is. A few friends and I went to the yarn sales on Saturday and although we each bought something it really didn't amount to an awful lot. I guess being on unemployment really does affect my thinking LOL. Anyway - In one store the owner was her regular nasty self. Needless to say it didn't encourage purchasing much and in fact I put back four skeins - SO THERE to that yarn store owner! The other yarn store has increased its selection of sock yarn and had some I really like (which I did buy). I'm still really surpirsed at my self control this weekend. Of course, it was totally out of control today. I was going to make the MS3 from Stash - yes, you read it right and I actually picked out about 5 different things to swatch. That was until a friend who joined the knit-along decided since it was a mystery shawl they should do it in the yarn called for. Well, anyone who knows me knows it doesn't take much to make me purchase yarn VBG. Note how easy it was for my to just jump right in and purchase yarn since I had a project for it :-) Perhaps that's why I didn't buy too much at the sales - no project in mind except the socks! So, we're working on a color. In the meantime - check out the photos of my SEX from this weekend :-) The picture of the mosaic socks is what I'll be making with the solid gray and multicolor pinks and grey. The cotton in the back right is also designated for these socks - a little more dramatic and if I start now perhaps I can get them done for next fall 'cause the yarn is definately fall colors :-) Won't be as dramatic but I just didn't want to do balck


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SEX - your too funny!! Cracking up over here!

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You wanted site stats - Visit Site Meter. They give good (and free) services and you don't have to have a dopey counter (they have nice subtle ones).

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